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Smoke Fumigation Services

Fumigation is process where in a fumigant is sprayed to disinfect an area from pests. Prior to the process the area to be disinfected is vacated completely and then through the process of fumigation the area is completely filled with gaseous pesticides which suffocate and poison the creatures from within. Next the area is cleared so that the poisonous gases escape and thus rendered safe for the humans to reside. Some widely used fumigants are – phosphine, lodoform, formaldehyde etc. Our services are renowned in the industry as we are committed to rendering Smoke fumigation services to our customers.

As fumigation is a very hazardous task and if careless its impact is considered lethal to the environment, we ensure that our services do not pollute the environment or cause any ecological imbalances. The areas are thoroughly inspected and all the parasites and germicides are eradicated from the area through our services. You can choose from the different type of smoke fumigation services available that are – bulk and bagged commodities fumigation, in-transit fumigation, quarantine, factory and stored grain fumigation. Post the operation the area is critically assessed by our experts and on surety it is handed over to people as safe.