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Anti Termite Treatment

Termites are very sneaky insects. They invade your home and so silently does their work that you won’t notice them until some wooden parts start disintegrating. So like the saying goes a stitch in time saves nine save your premises from these pesky invaders before they bring more trouble at your doorstep. We are a bunch of professionals dedicated to rid your home from these aggressive creatures. Our anti termite treatment services include special tool inspection, equipments and chemicals and some localized methods to eliminate them completely. Termite activities should be detected at the earliest before major structural problems start occurring.

Our services range from

  • • Fumigation

  • • Spraying insecticides

  • • Heat treatments

  • • Freezing (which works best for small areas)

  • • Spraying boric acid

  • • Treating doors and windows with microwave rays

It is advisable that during construction you start taking care of your premises with anti termite treatment services. Once this is done these little creatures would not able to cause much trouble. If you encounter early signs like door jams, dark colored droppings in wood immediately seek professional help. Being experience we will inspect each corner of your house thoroughly and restrict future infestation. Besides who would fancy a house totally devastated by such termites.